Need EPUB?

Easy to integrate, fully featured EPUB framework for iOS.

Time to Market

EPUB is and open standard and very well documented. But should you really spend resources developing your own EPUB module to display EPUB books in your app? Why not take advantage of production tested FJEPUBKit and free up your development team to actually improve your product?


Custom design is very important for every app. That's why we paid close attention to customization in FJEPUBKit so that it can blend in with the rest of your app. You can customize the look and feel of how your EPUBs are displayed to your users using a simple API, including page change animations and much more.

Easy Integration

With our step-by-step tutorial, your developers can integrate FJEPUBKit to your app within minutes. All classes are extensively documented and we are only an email away, if you have any questions.